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Think Digital: When the shift hits the fan
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Think Digital: When the shift hits the fan


The Technology and Innovation Centre, 99 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RD


From: Tuesday 21 June 2016 09:00 To: Tuesday 21 June 2016 15:30

Companies rarely change too early. They almost always change too late.  So how do you create a ‘never stand still’ culture? Because right now your biggest competitor is in their lounge, with their headphones on, eating a bowl of Cheerios, while writing a piece of code that will turn your industry upside down. So how do you become nimble, agile and fast?

Meet Mark Shayler, author of “Do / Disrupt / Change the status quo. Or become it.”  Mark has over 20 years of experience with his company, This is Ape and has advised over 1000 companies, helping them save a collective £100 million. Working with clients including Nike, Samsung, Coca Cola, Amazon and some of the greatest small companies in the world, Mark will join forces with some of Scotland’s most innovative businesses to illustrate that it’s not enough to shake things gently.  It’s about thinking big, being innovative and making a difference.

Other confirmed speakers on data sharing and digital trends include, Dominic Chalmers of the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship at the University of Strathclyde, Charlie Smith, Director of Marketing at VisitScotland, Paul Gibbs, Sales and Marketing Director of HighNet, Gillian Doherty, CEO of The Data Lab, Cyril Dyer of  IDE-International, Richard Clifford, Director of Maklab, Alec Farmer of Trakke, Daniel MacIntyre of Glasgow City Marketing Bureau and Andrew Nicolson, Whisky Blender.

There will be dedicated workshops from David Judic and David Blainey of Clydesdale Bank, and also from Gavin Kenny of IBM.

This fun, informal and interactive event is aimed primarily at smaller and medium sized businesses looking to grow.  It will show you how a change in your thinking and behaviour can help you to outpace your competitors.

Ensure your company's biggest successes are in the future, and not in the past. 


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