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Enhancing Environments

Enhancing Environments Logo in Gold Box - LargeFloral Arrangement Sponsor

Enhancing Environments - breaking empty spaces … 

Enhancing Environments is Kira Patwal’s unique and exciting business. Inspired by non inspiring business environments, office receptions, restaurants, clubs, even cafes, it offers clients a free consultation to discuss "breaking empty spaces" with specially selected beautiful paintings, eye catching flowers, quirky plants and interesting object d’art which add that certain je ne sais quoi. And they don’t have to cost the earth!

With businesses increasingly focusing on providing a competitive service, the first to be shown the door are the special touches. A sad irony – and so destructive to business! The importance of such feel good factors cannot be overstated. They inspire, in clients and customers, a sense of being valued and a mood of confidence which stays with them, making them return and recommend. Inspiring and brightly enhanced spaces can improve how savvy businesses build relationships with customers and win and retain clients and partners. Furthermore, conducive environments WILL promote positivity and profitability. So its win win all around!!

Glasgow born model James Hamilton agrees. A stunning splash of tropical flowers, a quirky lamp, an interesting book on an eye catching coffee table all add to make the whole experience sooo much more. In fact it was one such visit to a coffee house in our vibrant west end that inspired James to pick up and start playing a Ukulele!

We use our imagination and knowledge to bring ideas to reality.

For more information on Enhancing Environments, visit: or call 07503 777838.





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