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Scottish Water

Scottish Water

scottish water large logo.jpgSponsor of The Glasgow Business Award for Sustainable Development

Scottish Water is Trusted to serve Scotland, providing vital services which are essential to daily life. We provide high quality drinking water to households and business premises across Scotland and we treat their waste water before returning it safely to the environment.

Our investment programme in 2015-21 will enable Scottish Water to continue providing first-class customer service, while supporting the Scottish economy and creating jobs in the construction industry.

We provide a safe and reliable supply of high quality Scottish drinking water and we continue to deliver value for our customers. In 2016/17, the average household charge in Scotland continues to be £38 lower than the average charge in England and Wales.

We are working hard to ensure that protection of this precious natural resource is always a key consideration in our wide variety of operations. We are also continuing to invest in renewable technologies to drive forward our green agenda. This is part of our commitment to become a sustainable, low carbon business.

We are committed to acting responsibly in how we deliver our services and to making the right choice in terms of service, cost and carbon.

We believe that this is the right thing for our customers, the economy and the environment.

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