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Radio Clyde - Complimentary Creative Package and Consultation

If you have ever considered radio advertising - where do you start?

How do you know that you're speaking to your potential customers in the right way?

And how do you stand out from the crowd?


Radio Clyde is delighted to offer all Chamber Members a bespoke one to one consultation to help you use radio effectively

Members - Receive complimentary creative package on one commercial.

Partners for Glasgow - Receive complimentary creative package on a three commercial campaign.

Platinum Partners - Receive complimentary creative package on a three commercial campaign with bespoke corporate theme.

Complimentary creative packages are dependent on booking £1000 worth of airtime on Radio Clyde. Commercial production will include scriptwriting and production of non-celebrity voiced commercials. Each commercial will include one voice and one piece of commercial library music. Commercials will be licensed for use on Radio Clyde only for 12 months from first transmission date. For those who qualify, the production of a unique corporate theme will also be created and licensed for use on Radio Clyde only for 12 months from first transmission date. Use of commercials, commercial music tracks or custom designed corporate themes on other stations will incur further costs.


Adele Salveta - who manages the Research & Insight department - will offer expert guidance on creating a radio campaign that will reap rewards.

Creative….Radio can create a massive impact with relatively little investment.  However getting the brief right is essential to your campaign's success.  With twenty years of experience in award winning creative, Alison will ensure that you hit the right people with the right message.

Research & Insight… Adele will provide and guide you through the most relative information for  your business to help you better understand how radio can be used to suit your needs, and allow you to target the people you need to reach.

In addition, as an advertiser, you will be offered the opportunity to get feedback on your radio campaign by asking questions of your choice to the Radio Clyde listener club database. 

Members should simply quote 'Chamber of Commerce Partnership' when contacting Radio Clyde.

For any questions please contact Heather Paterson, Commercial Manager, on 0141 565 2221 or