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Scotland Works

Scotland Works, a new two-day event designed to support Scotland’s industrial, commercial and public sectors to run safe and efficient businesses and organisations, is taking place at the SEC, Glasgow on 3 – 4 May 2017. 

Set to become an annual fixture, Scotland Works, which incorporates the established Health & Safety Scotland, will also consist of five additional events - Facilities Scotland, Fire Safety Scotland, Safer Logistics Scotland, Cleaning Scotland and Maintenance Scotland.  Visitors will include senior managers, decision makers and purchase influencers from across Scotland’s industrial, commercial and public sectors.

Scotland Works will be made up of a comprehensive exhibition showcasing the most up-to-date technology, plus five theatres (Safer Logistics seminars will take place within the Health & Safety Conference Theatre), where educational talks and panel debates, will be presented by leading industry experts covering best practise advice, policy and legislation. 

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