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Complimentary Sales and Sales Management Training in Glasgow

Complimentary Sales and Sales Management Training in Glasgow

Tired of up and down sales reports? Explore a systematic approach to sales and sales management that delivers successful results consistently.

As a part of their on-going commitment of helping businesses to get better at selling, Sandler Training Scotland offers complimentary masterclasses for Scottish-based Business Leaders. These masterclasses are designed for Business Leaders who are committed to overcoming the sales related challenges in their businesses.

List of upcoming masterclasses:

Sales Management Success Principles on 23 February at 09:30

Sales Manager – the toughest job in the room? Great sales teams start with great Sales Managers.

The only way Sales Managers can grow sales and profits is through establishing a management system that's built on productive sales behaviour, cooperation, collaboration and accountability. Learn how to:

  • Select and hire high-performing salespeople
  • Motivate and lead a team to perform
  • Maximise team's performance and increase sales
  • Identify and deal with underperformance within the first 4 weeks in the role

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Why Have a Selling System on 24 February at 09:30

Are you uncomfortable with the inconsistent performance of your sales team? Discover why 20% of your sales people make 80% of the sales and what can you do about it. Learn how to:

  • Prepare more accurate sales forecasts and improve the cash flow
  • Significantly reduce the amount of time and money wasted on fruitless proposals
  • Maintain control over the whole sales process

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Creating a Sales Driven Organisation on 30 March at 09:30

Driving your business to greater success involves all three aspects of the Sandler 'Success Triangle' - our attitudes about the uncomfortable things we need to face to succeed, the techniques for effective sales team development and managing our behaviours.

Discover where your current approach to sales works against you in finding, growing and retaining a profitable client base. Learn:

  • The psychology behind the buyer’s system
  • How to break free of negative sales stereotypes
  • An innovative, counter-intuitive sales concepts
  • Fresh, new ideas about professional selling

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