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The Herald series celebrates vital role of entrepreneurs

The Herald series celebrates vital role of entrepreneurs

The passion and dedication of the entrepreneurs driving Scotland’s economy is being celebrated in a new series launching in the Herald newspaper.

The Herald Entrepreneur will highlight the country’s entrepreneurial talents, and address the key issues and challenges facing entrepreneurs in today’s tough economic climate.

The series sees The Herald team up with Glasgow Clyde College’s international and business development department, legal firm Wright Johnston & Mackenzie, and entrepreneur John McGlynn and his Storage Vault Work Space business.

Over the course of the year will feature the brightest business talents, looking at their innovations, inventions and inspiring stories.

John McGlynn, founder of Scottish Capital and Storage Vault work space, said: “Entrepreneurs have and continue to play a vital role in the Scottish economy. They must be supported and encouraged at every level. Creative thinking, progressive entrepreneurs provide growth and economic benefits to all corners of Scotland.

“Having travelled to nearly 100 countries around the globe the entrepreneurial spirit in Scotland is the strongest I’ve ever experienced, and that mantra of work hard play hard and give something back has been alive in the 20-plus years I’ve been in business, and there is no sign of that changing.”

Graeme Smith, editor of The Herald, said: “We regularly focus on entrepreneurs big and small in our business pages so are delighted to be involved in this project with our partners.

“Those partners have a range of skills in areas which are key to the success of any new business and, over the coming weeks and months, we will be sharing the kind of advice and expertise which will prove invaluable to any budding entrepreneur.

“We will report on those who have taken the first steps in setting up their own business and tap into the experience of some of the biggest names in Scottish business.”

Glasgow Chamber of Commerce deputy chief executive Richard Muir said entrepreneurs were vital to Glasgow’s growing economy, creating the new businesses that generate wealth and jobs.

“They bring the energy and exuberance that comes from independent thinking and a challenge to the orthodox,” he said. “We want to see an ever greater number of young folk experimenting with business, learning from the success of their predecessors but not afraid to do it their own way.

Wright Johnston & Mackenzie chief executive Liam Entwistle said: “Successful entrepreneurs generate ideas, solve problems, and if they fail they bounce back with something new and improved. They create value, jobs and prosperity for their communities and the wider economy, inspiring generations along the way.

“Entrepreneurship is essential to Scotland’s ability to succeed in ever changing and increasingly competitive markets. We believe we should do everything we can to encourage entrepreneurship in Scotland.”

Duncan McDougall, assistant principal of international and business development, Glasgow Clyde College, said: “Glasgow Clyde College is in the business of changing people’s life chances through giving them the knowledge and skills that will help them achieve future success.

“Through The Herald Entrepreneur series, we will showcase some of the talented people who come through the college experience, and the role Glasgow Clyde College plays in these people’s journeys. We want to encourage more of our students to think about how they can turn their valuable skills and knowledge into a business or self-employment.”

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