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Brodies LLP launches BInformed Seminar Programme

Brodies is delighted to announce the launch of our BInformed spring seminar programme 2017. 

Now in its 12th year, our seminar programme, coupled with the rest of BInformed, reflects our commitment to free knowledge-sharing with our clients and contacts. 

This spring lawyers from across the firm, alongside some guest speakers, will be leading sessions designed to provide relevant, commercially-focused and practical advice for individuals and businesses operating in sectors as diverse as oil & gas, food & drink, construction & engineering, real estate, financial services and local government. 

With attention firmly focused on Brexit, current market conditions and the ever-changing legal landscape, the wide variety of hot topics that will be discussed include the potential impact of Brexit on the status of EU workers in the UK; Aberdeen City Council’s innovative bond issue and whether it could provide a model for other public bodies; an update on the General Data Protection Regulation, which will introduce stringent rules on how personal data is managed by organisations; safeguarding intellectual property rights in the food & drink sector, the status of workers in the ‘gig’ economy; and family law issues relevant to ‘blended’ families. 

Please download our brochure and visit us at to sign up today!

Please continue to use our hashtag #BInformed to pose questions before each seminar, and to give us your thoughts and feedback. 

If you have any questions or queries relating to our seminars, please do not hesitate to contact us at 

We look forward to seeing you!

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