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Schools and Business Partnerships

Schools and businesses in Glasgow are committed to ensuring tomorrow's workforce has the right skills, behaviours and positive attitudes needed to succeed in their careers, improve their life chances and enjoy a prosperous future.

Schools and business partnerships will place education, employment and skills at the forefront of every young person’s learner journey, with the aim of better preparing school leavers for the world of work. Employers will engage with schools to actively participate in developing young people and supporting teachers and other professional colleagues to focus on progression in learning and understanding the needs of different occupations and industry sectors.

These strategic partnerships intend to develop specialist learning interventions and innovative vocational pathways which, in turn will stimulate new employment and training opportunities for school, college and university leavers. This will involve cross curriculum learning within the capacities of Curriculum for Excellence.

Furthermore, this strategic partnership will contribute to staff career development for both schools and employers.


Aims and objectives

The schools and business partnership aims to develop an effective strategy for both employers and schools that will allow them to work collaboratively to enhance the quality of the education experience and provide a better insight into careers and the workplace.


  • To baseline and monitor performance against the areas contained within the schools and business framework
  • To develop a 3 year strategy for improving business engagement across the school with a particular focus on the 5 key areas identified in the framework
  • To develop a 12 month rolling action plan for business activity with the school which will help towards achieving the 3 year strategy
  • To widen the range and scope of businesses engaging with the school.

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