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World Class City

The Chamber...


  • Works alongside Glasgow City Council and other expert groups to implement the City Centre Management Strategy, supporting the City Centre Strategy.

  • Develops and implements proposals for new bids while providing back office support.

  • Is in the process of launching an online ‘Hub’ resource centre. The site is tailored towards helping small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to succeed by providing reliable information and resources from leading Scottish and global based experts.   The aim is to save business owners time and money by giving them access to free, reliable and independent advice.

  • Is developing links with Chambers from 12 other international cities.  The mutual partnerships are designed to boost trade and support Invest Glasgow.

  • Leads on the development and implementation of the Digital Business Group as part of the Glasgow Digital Strategy Roadmap.  Projects include;

    • Crowdfunding report: Glasgow Chamber of Commerce is proud to support the ongoing analysis of crowdfunding in Scotland. Crowdfunding in Scotland is growing rapidly, with the potential to make a real impact on the Scottish Economy. The Scottish Crowdfunding Report 2016 is available to read here
    • Etradetester: the etradetester™ is a feasibility study that has been developed jointly with the Chamber and INDEZ. It provides a detailed report into a business’s ecommerce potential, providing a better measure of confidence that a business idea is, in principle, feasible, before committing further spend.
    • Funding Circle: Glasgow Chamber of Commerce became the first British Chamber to partner with Funding Circle to offer between 10 – 20 businesses within the Glasgow Metropolitan Area the opportunity to secure alternative business finance via Peer to Peer lending over the next 24 months.
    • Member Marketplace: Glasgow Chamber of Commerce has a wealth of knowledge and expertise amongst its members.  The Member Marketplace is an online platform allowing members to share and tap into this specialist knowledge to benefit their business needs – all of which is free of charge.

If you could like to discuss an existing or potential project, please get in touch by emailing or call on 0141 204 8339.