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Focus On ... ... Minute Taking Made Easy


Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, 30 George Square, G2 1EQ


From: Thursday 20 April 2017 09:30 To: Thursday 20 April 2017 12:30

Do your hands cramp up at the thought of recording meeting minutes? Do you question what information you should record and what you should leave out? You’re not alone. Most of us have sat through a meeting madly scribbling what we thought were minutes only to find out later that we’ve missed essential information or that the notes were never used.

Don’t give up, meeting minutes are important. They capture the essential information of a meeting – decisions and assigned actions. They keep attendees on track by reminding them of their role in a project and clearly define what happened in a group session. How many times have your colleagues been confused or in disagreement about what happened in a meeting? With minutes to refer to, everyone is clear.

The role of the minute taker is vital, ensuring that an accurate record of the discussion and decisions made are noted and recorded in the appropriate format.  In addition to developing the understanding of the role of the minute taker and the potential challenges faced, this workshop provides new and inexperienced minute takers with the essential techniques and tips for the production of accurate and timely minutes.




  • You will learn essential minute taking skills.
  • You will learn to overcome common challenges.
  • You will learn the right format and style for minutes.
  • Develop techniques for preparing minutes.
  • Enhanced personal performance.
  • Development of a valuable workplace skill



With over 20 years in a business, education and training environment Karen has developed a keen understanding of the key skills required to enhance both business and personal performance and the best methods of delivering training that promote learner understanding and engagement.  Karen has worked extensively with the SQA writing materials for exams and consulted on course design.

In addition to training, Karen consults within a number of SMEs throughout Scotland with a view to streamlining their business process, promoting enhanced performance and productivity. In addition, she works closely with franchisors and franchisees to enable them to fulfil their training commitments effectively and professionally.

Karen’s clear communication methods and ability to engage with business owners allows business to expand their business knowledge and develop key skills to develop business growth.

Karen’s training company (KA Training Ltd) provides training opportunities using multiple platforms.  Open courses, workshops, bespoke programmes and one-to-one training are all delivered with a clear client focus and a quality approach.


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