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How To ... ... Workshops

How To ... ... Workshops

Our successful series of How To … ... workshops may be just the short sharp business development solution you are looking for covering topics such as Networking Without Nerves, Transforming your Business with Facebook, Public Speaking, Successful Selling and Google Analytics. Delivered by members for members at business friendly times, our How To … ... workshops give hints, tips and techniques to take away and use in your business for immediate impact.

How To ... ... Excel at Managing People

Thursday 2 March, 08.00 am - 10.00 am 

The workshop will introduce you to the concepts of performance management, motivating and leading others and staff development. We will blend models and theories to bring people management alive, focusing on how to have great setup conversations, what to do when people don’t deliver what’s expected and what to do when they do. 


How To ... ... Use Social Media for Business

Tuesday 14 March, 08.00 am - 10.00 am

Social media can be a minefield: which channels should I use? What should I tweet? Can I use Facebook for my business? This How To session is for anyone currently using social media who needs a hands on guide to make the most of it.


How To … … Be an Effortless Brand: Making it Super Easy for Customers to Choose and Buy

Thursday 27 April, 08.00 am - 10.00 am  

Today consumers have more choice than ever and lead busy, pressured lives, so brands have to make it super easy in order to maximise sales and avoid losing people during the decision-making and buying processes. We’ve probably all been there: too many options…not sure how to evaluate them… or what the best thing to do is. The result? We abandon the mission. This is a relaxed and informative session that will open your mind to new ways of helping customers and stakeholders engage with you.  

How To ... ... Social Media Sales Toolkit

Thursday 11 May, 08.00 am - 10.00 am 

Social media is about more than cute kittens and pictures of your dinner. There are a variety of different channels you can choose from to boost sales and this session is about understanding what they are, which ones are relevant to your business and how to maximise them.


How To ... ... Carry Out Disciplinaries whilst avoiding Tribunal Traps!

Tuesday 13 June, 08.00 am - 10.00 am

This workshop will give you practical tips on how to carry out investigations and disciplinary hearings whilst avoiding classic traps which could get you into trouble.


How To … … Know the Key Financial Numbers of your Business Before Your Accountant Does

Tuesday 12 September, 08.00 am - 10.00 am

If you... don't Know how well your business has performed until your accountant tells you, Can’t predict how much money you will have in your bank account in 6 months’ time then this down-to-earth, financial fundamentals workshop is for you. Designed for new start-up entrepreneurs and established business people alike, get back to basics by knowing the few key financial indicators that drive your business. Tell your accountant how your business is doing before they tell you!