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Managing People (3 Days)


GTG Training, 1330 South Street Glasgow, G14 0BJ


From: Wednesday 9 December 2015 09:30 To: Friday 11 December 2015 16:30

Organisations need a clear strategy and vision to succeed and people are part of that process.  It is widely accepted that a strong management team will enable a business to achieve its aspirations and that of its people resource. 

As a people manager, delegates will benefit from developing their understanding and ability on how to manage effectively.  Delegates attending this course will have experience, and the workshop will draw on their experience whilst developing the skills, knowledge and behaviour to assist in the delivery of performance and objectives through people.

  • Demonstrate understanding of people management
  • Describe how a manager can provide motivation to the team
  • Describe the steps involved in managing performance in your team
  • Use different types of feedback for performance
  • Describe how to plan and deliver effective delegation


What You Will Cover
  • Introduction to People Management: what it is and why its important.  Delegates will also explore how effectively managing and supporting their team is critical to the organisation achieving its mission and strategy.
  • Motivation: An introduction to the concept of motivation, looking at Maslow and Herzberg and mapping these into how a manager can use these theories practically to provide for motivation. We will explore what the managers role is in motivating people and how and when they will use the different types. 
  • People Performance Cycle: Delegates will be introduced to the Performance Cycle, which is a fundamental principle of managing people, and how this  can build performance in any management situation.  This is a simple and effective universal tool for management.  The performance cycle features four stages, all which are interdependent, but different in their complexity and skills.
  • Planning: setting objectives and standards of performance.  Looking specifically at the business and what standards are expected.  People performance standards will be linked to this and delegates will set objectives for a particular job role/person.
  • Monitoring Performance: a look at why monitoring and constant involvement with people is essential.  We will look at monitoring from the perspective of helping individuals to meet and maintain standards of performance across the job.  We will brainstorm and select methods that can be implemented. 



This is a 3 day instructor led course (max 10 delegates)

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