David Scott

David is a Director of BeYonder Ltd, a profit for purpose, living wage employer based in the Clyde Gateway area of the City. BeYonder Ltd has a textile division, an education division and supports its own philanthropic start-up, BeYonder Involve.

BeYonder Textile specialises in small batch, bespoke manufacturing for independent designers, retailers and other end users of high quality fabric goods and clothing. BeYonder Education specialises in partnership working with schools, education authorities and corporate clients.

BeYonder Involve is a voluntary group involving experts from commerce, education and youth development with the specific objectives of supporting Children and Young People, Schools and the Wider Community by developing and managing projects which are of both immediate and long-term benefit. The close working relationship between BeYonder Ltd and BeYonder Involve allows support for additional projects, most often with young people, which otherwise might not be possible due to budget, staffing or other constraints.

Glasgow born and educated, David was the Chief Executive of GTG Training from 2004 until 2014 and a specialist adviser on Youth Training and Development to the Board of Arnold Clark Automobiles, the parent company of GTG Training where he originally started work in staff development in 1999.

David has been a member of the Goodison Group in Scotland since its formation in 2005 to bring together experienced people from the worlds of business, government and education to focus on particular themes to do with learning, skills and productivity.

When not working, David is a Marine Mammal Medic with British Divers Marine Life Rescue and a Level III trained specialist with their Large Whale Disentanglement Team. David has also served as a Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian with operational experience in Taiji, Japan. He is a retired officer with 17 years' service in the British Army Reserve.

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