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The Digital Garage from Google

Google will be opening a pop-up ‘Digital Garage’ in Glasgow where it will deliver free digital skills training.

Opening on 21 September at Mitchell Library, the Garage will employ four experts to provide one-to-one mentoring support six days a week, and a trainer to deliver digital masterclasses on a recurring basis.

The Digital Garage is open to anyone interested in learning or furthering their digitals skills. This could be people looking to upskill or those wanting to promote themselves online, such as recent graduates to new or current small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Research shows that more than 90% of jobs will require digital literacy in the near future and small companies grow twice as fast when they have a strong web presence. So it is crucial that both employers and employees keep up to date with the opportunities presented by online technology. 

The Digital Garage training and mentoring sessions are free, and available for everyone to attend.

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