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This category is looking for innovative initiatives that demonstrate the circular economy in action and which bring organisations closer to future proofing their business models. 

The circular economy is where we continue to keep the value of the project or service, by making things last. This helps conserve finite resources, supports jobs and improves the quality of life. 

This category is open to all businesses that have successfully developed innovative products, technologies or services; adapted an existing one for new markets, or have developed innovative business processes, models or ways of doing business around the circle economy. 

Entrants will show a high degree of creativity and dynamism and will be exploring ways to exploit their innovation to its fullest potential. They must be able to clearly demonstrate the adoption of circular economy business principles, that there was a demand for the innovation and that it has proved successful in line with the objectives set. 

The judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • Creation of a new innovative product, process or service, or a new way of working or adaption of an existing development within the last three years.
  • Clear written description of the development (layman’s terms as far as possible) and its background, including any details of protection obtained.
  • Clear adoption of circular business principles to drive forward the innovation and development.
  • Commercial relevance of the development and actual or projected commercial success, demonstrating how this initiative has helped future proof the business.

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