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From wheels to meals: a city's food footprint

Week 1

Date: Thursday 4 November, 10am - 11.30am

Location: The Studio, 67 Hope Street, Glasgow, G2 6AE 



This event will launch a ground-breaking report by ReLondon and Circle Economy which details the flows of food in and out of London, using a methodology which all cities could use for a variety of material streams. This material flow analysis highlights waste and carbon ‘hot spots’ around the city, providing the data needed to target tangible action on carbon emissions in London.

Introduced by ReLondon Chair Dr Liz Goodwin OBE, the event will consider ways in which cities and businesses can tackle those ‘hot spots’ and features speakers and panellists from a variety of players engaged in creating a circular economy for food – not just in London but in cities around the world.

Join them for insights into the new data on London’s food flows, and stay for the conversation about what we can (all) do about food’s impact on cities and the planet. They will share practical examples of innovative reduce, reuse, share and recycle models of working; and hope to inspire and empower other cities, as well as businesses and citizens, to change their policies, practices and behaviours to create a sustainable food system for all.

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