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Renewable Parts

Industry: Manufacturing    

About the organisation: Renewable Parts is one of the UK’s leading supply chain companies for the wind industry. Offering a range of services tailored to their customers individual needs. A flagship innovation is their Innovation Centre. A UK first, this centre offers a parts refurbishment programme to their customers.

Key sustainability highlights:

  • 50 tonnes of wind industry parts have been diverted away from landfill in the past 12 months
  • In 2021, Renewable Parts opened a new innovation centre to further advance a circular economy in renewable energy.

In detail

Opening their award-winning Refurbishment Centre in 2019, Renewable Parts have challenged and disrupted the wind industry, allowing the company to not only embrace a circular economy but create one where there wasn’t one before.

Renewable Parts enable the recirculation of components within the wind industry – often linked to a low carbon economy. Offering warrantied refurbished or remanufactured wind turbine parts, Renewable Parts carry out extensive research and development, and rigorous testing to ensure as good or better than performance than new parts. Crucially, these are often available off the shelf, meaning no time lag in production of new parts.

Offering these components at a competitive price, this offers cost saving to customers and given Renewable Parts also requires the return of an old unit for refurbishment with each sale, this also saves on any waste disposal costs.

The circular economy is at the heart of Renewable Parts Innovation Centre, where techniques such as water harvesting have been adopted, and partnerships with academia to source new innovations for an increasing number of components to continue to disrupt the market.

Further to this, in 2021 Renewable Parts opened its new purpose built centre aiming to further advance a circular economy in the renewable energy sector. It will become a collaboration hub enabling Renewable Parts to extend its R&D with a wider range of business both within and outside of the wind industry.  The vision is to create an eco-system of likeminded organisations willing to learn together and share best practice to create a more sustainable future. 

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