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Cullen Eco-Friendly Packaging

Industry: Manufacturing    

About the organisation: Cullen is Europe’s only manufacturer of both moulded pulp products and corrugate packaging on a single site. With almost one hundred years’ experience in paper-based packaging, Cullen has a strong legacy of quality manufacturing only matched by their reputation for innovative and collaborative approach to packaging solutions.

Key sustainability highlights:

  • More than 1 billion moulded pulp packaging units have been manufactured from offcuts of Cullen’s corruagte manufacturing process since 2018 alone.
  • Cullen’s products are 100% plastic free and recyclable at kerbside collection

In detail

Waste Not, Want Not

In 2001, Cullen added moulded pulp manufacture to its already significant corrugate operation. As the only European manufacturer of both, they realised the potential to close the loop between both processes on site.

During the corrugate manufacture, offcuts are produced. These offcuts are directly recycled and mixed with water to form the slurry which is shaped, pressed and dried to form the moulded pulp products.

This means their moulded pulp range is a packaging alternative made from recyclable raw materials, reducing the amount of virgin paper used to zero. With more than 1 billion moulded pulp units manufactured since 2018, Cullen has put a lot of ‘waste’ to good use.

Safe and Circularity

While moulded pulp itself is highly circular in its manufacture, the team at Cullen know that truly impactful sustainable packaging goes beyond the material. Cullen’s research & development team are driven to create innovative circular packaging solutions that replace unnecessary plastics without the loss of performance or protection.

With many exciting innovation projects in progress, Cullen’s commitment to helping customers realise their sustainability aims through packaging reform shows no sign of slowing. Most recent product successes include Clinker and beerGUARD – DPD-approved packaging solutions to ship glass bottles – as well as PROTECTIN – a quick and easy way to protect tins in transit.

These products, like all at Cullen, are 100% plastic free and recyclable in kerbside collection and can be used in place of polystyrene and plastic options. With exceptional functionality and commercial viability, Cullen’s products are realistic replacements for the non-circular norms.

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