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Face Coverings

Face Coverings (Scottish Government, 5 September 2021)

By law, you must wear a face covering in certain indoor public places, including public transport, in Scotland unless an exemption applies.

See the complete list of settings where we all have to wear face coverings

Where face coverings are required and no exemptions apply, a member of the public who does not wear a face covering could be subject to a Fixed Penalty Notice. Police have been given enforcement powers in law to issue fixed penalty notices in such circumstances. The penalty is £60, reduced to £30 if the penalty is paid within 28 days. However, if a person receives further fixed penalty notices, the penalty increases - so the second penalty would be £120 and then the amount doubles with each subsequent notice up to a maximum of £960.

A new offence specifically designed to protect certain workers such as shop workers and those involved in the sale of age restricted goods and services (e.g. working in a pub selling alcohol) came into force on 24 August.  This new offence carries with it a fine and/or prison sentence as a penalty and will help improve how the justice system responds to attacks on workers. If the worker was enforcing a statutory age restriction at the time of a crime being committed, a tougher penalty may be imposed.

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