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Lot 10 Business Acceleration


The Business Accelerator Lot will provide support in a different, more targeted and innovative way for companies at various stages of growth.  They will combine traditional teaching methodologies with guidance and mentorship. 

Evidence suggests that SMEs and entrepreneurs who engage with business accelerators benefit from the opportunity presented, leading to greater collaboration with other entrepreneurs and businesses that can yield benefits that allow the business to grow at an accelerated rate.

All Accelerator programmes under this Lot must be delivered over a maximum 6 month period. Each programme will accommodate between 10 – 15 participants. The duration and frequency of the programme is down to the supplier, but should be a minimum of 8 days face-to-face.

The Business Acceleration Lots are:

Please note each Accelerator has different application dates and criteria. Details on how to apply and links to the application form can be found on the individual Accelerator pages. Please apply for the most relevant Accelerator for your business type, each business will only be able to attend one Accelerator programme. 

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