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Euan Stewart, Blackadders
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Five things to remember when viewing a property

By Euan Stewart, Property Manager Estate Agency Blackadders LLP

Buying your next home can be a stressful time but first of all, you need to make sure that you have found the right property. A viewing appointment gives you the opportunity to see the property in more detail and it’s vital that you use this time wisely.

Five points to consider when viewing a property:

  1. Don’t just focus on the house.  Have a look at the surrounding neighbourhood and see if there is anything that would put you off living there. Is there a noisy pub nearby? Does the area become congested at specific times due to sports grounds or churches in the immediate vicinity?
  2. When inside the property, make sure you have a good look around. Check the size of the under stair cupboard or the depth of the fitted wardrobes. Make sure that there is ample storage for your needs.
  3. Check the basics  Do the windows and doors open and close properly? Is there a mobile phone reception? What is the Wi-Fi like in the area?
  4. Revisit the property at different times of the day.  It may be a quiet street at 10am on a Monday but what is it like in the evenings or at the weekend when most of the residents are at home?
  5. Make sure that the property meets your lifestyle. How long will the daily commute to work take? Are there shops nearby? If you have children, how far away are the schools and what is their reputation? Are there good public transport links?

All of these points are vital to check when buying your next property. As the old saying goes, location really is key. For more information or to book your free property valuation, please speak to a member of the Blackadders Property Team.



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