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SWG3 and Trakke Bags launch a new monthly market

SWG3 and Trakke Bags have announced details of new weekend-long Hypermarket, which will take place at the end of every month.

Hypermarket, a monthly curated market, will take place in SWG3 venues Galvanizers and Yardworks, which last month saw the outdoor area decorated in incredible graffiti work at the Yardworks Festival.

The market will celebrate the best of Glasgow’s street food, drink and music, while stalls will cover homeware, clothing and accessories from the city and beyond. Mini Manoeuvres, a Creation Station and Graffiti Workshops will be on offer for children, with cocktails and craft beer available for the adults.

The first Hypermarket will take place from 30 June to 2 July, focusing on quality craftsmanship, while future events will differ from a variety of themes. 

Alec Farmer, founder of Glasgow bag makers Trakke, said: “It’s part retail concept store, part street food fest, part venue. We’ll have high quality brands selling their products from across Scotland the UK, and we’ll have the best street food Glasgow has to offer.”

“We’re just really keen to show off the potential of that space and create a running monthly event to tie it all together - for us, it’s an opportunity to put them all in one great place and showcase brands people might not see otherwise.”

The first Hypermarket runs Friday, June 30 (5-10pm), Saturday, July 1 (11am-10pm) and Sunday, July 2 (11am-6pm) and entry is free. Find more information here.

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