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How the Public Sector Can Remain Agile Beyond Times of Crisis

Although based on US research, an interesting new report from McKinsey adds value to the on-going debate regarding public sector digital transformation in the UK, especially organisational barriers to change.

Based on case examples dating back to the 1980s, the main theme of the report is that public sector organisations are perfectly capable of being nimble and agile in times of crisis, but not beyond. In almost all of the cases examined, agility soared immediately after a crisis but tended to dissipate over time.

The authors identify three main ‘internal forces of resistance’ inhibiting public sector organisations from being agile without a crisis, from maintaining that agility after the crisis ends:

  • A cultural aversion to risk
  • Functional silos
  • Organisational complexity

Based on lessons learned from studying agility in the private sector, a number of recommendations are made on how public sector institutions can be agile beyond times of crisis.

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