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Design Safari peers into the world’s of leading design-led businesses.

This July, Snook, Rumo and IBM team up to launch Design Safari, a
thought-provoking adventure that will look inside leading design-led companies from
around the world.

What is Design Safari?

Products and Services don’t design themselves. Technology doesn’t just intuitively know how to engage with you. Better customer services don’t just appear.

Design Safari, which launches today, will allow a chosen few to experience first hand how some of the world’s leading design-led businesses do what they do. And not just see it. But understand how it gets that way.

And what better way to launch this unique program of events than with IBM.

IBM, one of the cultural centres of Design, where restless ideas are put to the test and, when ready, shipped to the world as delightful user experiences.

The Safari will also allow people to learn how IBM’s groundbreaking Watson IoT Platform works. IoT or The Internet of Things, refers to the growing range of connected devices that send data across the Internet.

With Cognitive and IoT services becoming cheaper, quicker and easier to develop, there is an opportunity for businesses across the board to innovate their service with cognitive and IoT. It means that business can extract valuable insights to improve virtually every aspect of their operations and enable innovative, new business models.

Design Safari was born from a conversation between Sarah Drummond, MD of the globally acclaimed, service design business, Snook and Russell Morgan, UX design consultant at Rumo.

The focus being to celebrate the power of service design and the businesses that use design to inspire and implement solutions to social and economic challenges.

When and where will the Design Safari take place?
IBM will host the first event on 14 th July 2017 at their Winchester Design Studio

Who attends?
Primarily Design Safari is designed to benefit all design service professionals whatever stage of their careers.

It’s a workshop for anyone looking to improve their professional skills.
A workshop for any organisation looking to develop the skills of their employees.
And a workshop for any host to share their knowledge, expand their networks and be seen as leaders in design led innovation.

What will happen at the Design Safari?

It’s a day’s course packed full of insights, practical lessons, innovation and learning delivered through live problems.

At the IBM Design Safari participants will:
● Find out how IBM places design at the heart of their business to deliver world class
products and services
● Learn how IBM structures their internal design and innovation capacities
● Hear and see the results first hand of design led innovation
● Meet key professionals in the industry who are driving forward this innovation
● Take part in a design challenge using Watson, IoT & Cognitive
● Let your creative juices run free and explore how these technologies will change the
face of fashion, retail or banking.

Why is it called Design Safari?
A safari is an expedition to observe or hunt animals in their own habitat. Design Safari borrows from this definition by taking people on an expedition to observe and experience design-led businesses first hand, so that they may learn from the design team in the environment that they work in.

How do I attend Design Safari?
Applications are welcome through the website and then, due to the anticipated demand, applicants are asked to complete a questionnaire answering why they wish to attend.

When will Design Safari take place?
July 14 h 2017

How do I find out more?
If you want to find out more about the Design Safari event 2017 visit

For Media Enquiries and images Contact
Alan Ainsley, Partner at Snook
Phone 07469 974459


Quotes from Andrew Gatford, Sarah Drummond & Russell Morgan

Design is key for delivering the best user experience and by using IBM Design Thinking, we are transforming our business to deliver iconic human centred outcomes. We are excited to spend the day sharing IBM’s transitional journey with the design safari and will also open a window into some of the cool technologies being designed by IBM.

Andrew Gatford, IBM Studios Hursley Lead

“ Design is now viewed as a critical competitive strength across companies of all sizes, helping organisations design and develop services that work and deliver value to people. We are putting together a series of events that takes people into the heart of businesses who have adopted and are embedding this approach to see how some of the UK's best-of-class manage the process within their own organisations. “

Sarah Drummond, MD at Snook

“ IBM has invested hugely into design, boasting Design Studios all over the world. It is a good indication that the companies who succeed over the next few years will be the ones who invest in design, and make it front and centre of everything they do. Givens IBM’s investment in, and dedication to, design, it is the perfect place to start our journey into discovering what it means to be, and become, a design-led organisation. “

Russell Morgan, UX Design Consultant at Rumo


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