The National Theatre of Scotland visits Kelvinhall Subway Station with photographer John G Moore, for a special nation-wide photography project | Glasgow Chamber of Commerce
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The National Theatre of Scotland visits Kelvinhall Subway Station with photographer John G Moore, for a special nation-wide photography project

The National Theatre of Scotland has created a new photography project to reaffirm its position as a 'theatre without walls,' a decade after its inception.    

Celebrated Scottish photographer John G Moore was commissioned to capture six different locations across Scotland, and Kelvinhall Subway Station in Glasgow was chosen to represent the Company’s work across Scotland’s central belt.

One of the few national theatre companies in the world not to have its own venue, the 'theatre without walls' model has enabled the National Theatre of Scotland to take its work wherever there is an audience to enjoy it. The Box Office Photography Project was conceived to provide artwork which tells this story.

A neon sign saying 'BOX OFFICE' was designed by the Company to travel around the country reflecting the many Scottish tours, by road, the National Theatre of Scotland undertakes every year.

The National Theatre of Scotland has earned a global reputation for its ground-breaking approach to theatre producing, with productions being shown in forests, ferries, factories, school halls and drill halls, as well as in major theatre buildings. The blazing neon sign was placed in surprising and beautifully captured Scottish locations to reflect this approach.

The sign was taken to Kelvinhall Subway Station in spring 2017 where it was photographed underground on an empty platform next to moving subway trains.

In 2017 the National Theatre of Scotland will visit Glasgow with productions including The 306: Day at Sloans on 17 May and St Andrews in the Square on 18 May 2017, Adam and Eve at the Citizen’s Theatre between 13 September – 16 September and Rocket Post, coming later in the year.

The other five locations which provided backdrops to the Box Office sign are the Lochcarron Textile Factory in Selkirk, Achaleven Primary School in Connel, Camusdarach Beach looking towards Skye, Eigg and Rum, the banks of the River Ness in Inverness, and Fraserburgh Harbour.

John G Moore, Photographer on the Box Office Photography Project said 'It was a pleasure working on such an exciting and creative project with the National Theatre of Scotland. The images all contribute to telling a unique visual story about the company, capturing its national reach, its bold productions and the different and sometimes unusual locations that the theatre company plays in.’

John G Moore is a professional photographer, film maker and presenter from Glasgow, Scotland. An influencer for Adobe, Microsoft MVP, Nikon and Sigma Pro, his work ranges from landscape to portraiture and performing arts and music photography.

Andrea Thompson, Media and Public Affairs Manager for SPT said ‘SPT has been delighted to support this National Theatre of Scotland project. The Subway is an iconic part of Glasgow’s transport system and as we celebrate its 120th anniversary, this was a unique opportunity to mark that event in a very creative way.’

For more information on the project and to see the full collection of images visit

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