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Changing face of construction - female operations manager speaks at national diversity conference

The changing face of the construction industry was under the spotlight at Scotland’s first national diversity conference after City Building operations manager Siobhan Logue addressed the event. 

At the inaugural event at the Radisson Blu in Glasgow, Siobhan Logue addressed attendees at the Herald and GenAnalytics Diversity Conference, speaking of her successful career at City Building, in the traditionally male-dominated industry. 

Siobhan left school aged 16 interested in a career in construction. After attending college, Siobhan began a four-year plumbing apprenticeship and once qualified, was given the opportunity by City Building to complete a Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Construction Management. 

With the practical skills to work on a construction site and the academic knowledge to move into management, an opportunity arose within City Building to undertake a trainee management course and progress through the company.   

Siobhan, now fully-qualified, is managing the refurbishment and construction works of a number of Glasgow’s primary schools, including the £2.4 million Saint Brides Primary project, the £1.5 million project at Langside Primary and £1.4 million Holycross Primary School refurbishment. 

Siobhan said: “I loved working on construction sites and seeing a project emerging from the ground to completion. When the opportunity arose to move to management, I had only been a tradesperson for two years. To take the course I had to take a drop in pay, but on balance felt the opportunities to progress would be better, and I would benefit in the future. 

“Now, managing the primary school projects truly gives me fulfilment. Seeing the kids and teachers faces when they return to school after the holidays gives me a real sense of achievement. 

“My journey is not unusual and as more women enter the industry, together, we can change male-dominated image of construction. With the support of City Building and through sheer determination I believe there is no limit to my future in City Building, and I would encourage any woman to consider a career in construction.” 

Dr Graham Paterson, Executive Director of City Building, said: “Siobhan is a fantastic example of how people can progress at City Building, whatever their gender. We’re incredibly proud to be part of Siobhan's development and will continue to work with her as she climbs the career ladder. 

“We aim to build a sustainable future, which includes minimising the skills gap through training and welcoming anyone, male or female, interested in building a career in construction.”

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