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Career success stories remind exam students there is #NoWrongPath

Young people across Scotland have been reminded there can always be a route to a successful career – even if they don’t receive the results they’re hoping for on Scottish Exam Results Day 2018 today (Tuesday Aug 7).

The award-winning #NoWrongPath campaign, which reached 14 million people after launching on Exam Results Day last year, sets out the many different routes into employment and further education.

Run by Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) Glasgow, #NoWrongPath looks to celebrate the many paths taken by people across Scotland who are now in interesting job roles, with a focus on the non-traditional routes out with higher education.

After leaving school, Thomas McGoran, instead of heading to university, started a technical apprenticeship with GRAHAM. Thomas, now 21, has completed his apprenticeship and is working as a planner with the company, with plans to start an undergraduate degree in Construction Management and Built Environment Design at Herriot Watt University in September.

Thomas said, “When I was at school I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go. I considered going into construction, but I never imagined that I could do the management side of it.

“It’s been great to continue studying while getting hands on experience that has allowed me to progress within the Company. I can’t wait to start my degree in a few months; it may be a bit later than my friends who went straight to university but, the path I chose has opened doors for me.”

During school, Karen Chalmers, 45, aspired to work in the travel industry and went on to do a HND in travel and tourism. After various jobs within the industry including Cabin Crew, Karen was made redundant and took a job at a call-centre. After three months she was the top sales performer and was asked to go for a team leader interview. She was put on a management development course and within two years was General Manager of the site, with over 1000 colleagues to support. Karen now works as head of client services at STHREE, a Global recruitment specialist.

Karen said, “I wish that when I left school I had considered the many career options available.

“The main thing I have learned is the importance of building skills, no matter the job, so that you can be adaptable across many roles.”

Luke McCormack, 23, left school in 2011 and started a Business and Administration apprenticeship with Barrhead Travel.  Two and a half years later, Luke left to join a start-up recruitment agency gaining the experience he needed to launch his own business. He now runs his own consultancy, Recruitment Scotland.

“After I left school, I realised university wasn’t for me. I always admired self-made entrepreneurs and I just wanted to get stuck in straight away. When I attained the apprenticeship with Barrhead Travel it provided me with the hands-on experience to see how business operated on a large scale. After this, I ‘stumbled’ into recruitment and as soon as I did I knew I could excel in the industry.

“I started my own business at 21 and have now been running Recruitment Scotland for almost two years. Taking the leap has been the best decision I have ever made in my life and I think it’s important for the upcoming generation to know that university isn’t the only option to become successful – as long as you have passion, perseverance & persistence, anything is possible”

DYW Glasgow is asking people to post a photograph of their own path on social media on 7 August using the hashtag #NoWrongPath and tagging @DYWglasgow, holding a sign with their name, what they did when they left school and what they are doing now.

The campaign garnered support from many well-known faces last year including musician KT Tunstall, politician Iain Gray and comedian Fred MacAuley, and went on to win a major industry accolade.

Alison McRae, Senior Director of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, said: “Last year we managed to reach over 14 million people as we looked to encourage anyone who might be disheartened or disappointed with their exam results.

“This year we hope to excel this and tell even more young people that no matter what the outcome is, there are various paths and opportunities available to kick start a successful career across various industries.

“It is our hope that #NoWrongPath will help to inspire and motivate the young people of Glasgow, and beyond, as they receive their results and take their next steps whether in the workforce, university or otherwise.”

Hosted by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, DYW Glasgow is the Scottish Government’s national strategy for strengthening links between schools and businesses, with the hope of reducing youth unemployment by 40% by 2021.

135,000 Scottish school pupils will receive exam results from SQA on 7 August via email, text and post.

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