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Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange

Innovation is considered to be the engine for business and regional growth. It is the key to improved productivity, market differentiation and ultimately profitability and prosperity. However, the notion of innovation is often misunderstood. Applying innovation successfully often lacks access to the right knowledge, tools and support. Developing innovation capability and capacity is fundamental to Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom. That’s why the Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange (IKE) is establishing national bases around the UK and has selected Glasgow as its Scottish home.

The Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange (IKE) is the UK's professional body for innovators. It accredits and certificates innovation practices. We influence the inter-relationship between education, business, and government through research and collaborative networks. Our Innovation Manifesto highlights our commitment to support the development of innovative people and organisations.

IKE’s work is guided by the Innovation Council, which brings together senior business leaders representing different economic sectors. IKE runs think-tanks, conducts research studies, develops new business models and tools and supports organisations to benchmark their strategies and develop their innovation capabilities.

The Scottish Institute for Innovation and Knowledge Exchange aims to support the transformative potential of innovative collaborations between businesses, academics and policy makers towards creating inclusive economic growth and prosperity for the Scottish economy. The realisation of projected labour market growth in key economic sectors requires innovative solutions as technological advances and the adoption of new products, services and techniques unlocks the potential for improved business performance.

The upcoming Innovation Strategy for Business Leaders Executive Programme, delivered by IKE CEO Professor Sa'ad Medhat, offers an intensive strategic development opportunity for executives and senior managers responsible for business growth and transformation. Through the use of tools and techniques, participants will understand how to build and validate a new business model, improve organisational readiness to support innovation and create a sustainable innovation capability to drive performance excellence. The use of creativity as a catalyst for achieving high performing teams and transformational business processes will be addressed. The course also examines the use of competitive intelligence in enabling effective decision-making to target opportunities and accelerate business model innovation.

Upon completion of the programme, participants will be eligible for membership of the Institute.

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