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Microsoft Azure: Agreeing Business Objectives (Infographic)

In our previous blog post about Microsoft Azure, we presented a ‘Planning Pays Infographic’ outlining five key steps to Azure success.

Step 1 is agreeing overall business objectives and outcomes.

Azure Business Objectives

At Bridgeall, we like to make a distinction between desired business outcomes (your ultimate objectives) and how Azure helps to deliver these outcomes. The distinction is important when developing a business case for migrating to the cloud. Senior executives will require a clear and concise summary of tangible business outcomes. IT managers will be more concerned with the specifics of how Azure helps to drive organisational change.

As summarised in the Infographic below, business benefits from leveraging the full potential of Azure fall into five main categories:

  • Enhancing the customer experience with your organisation, especially at ‘Key Moments of Truth’ in the customer journey.
  • Build digital operating advantage by reducing costs, streamlining internal systems and processes, maximising efficiency, building a more agile, fast-moving organisation.
  • Develop actionable insight from data.
  • Collaborate and share knowledge, internally and externally with business partners.
  • Transform the way you engage and interact with customers, the way you operate internally and, where appropriate, your underlying business model.

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