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Estate Agents and Fees - My Story

In 2015 I had to sell my home following a separation. I was pregnant, had a three year old and my two gorgeous but greedy beagles. I returned to work when little one was 6 months old. Over the following 18 months I lost my father sadly to dementia, moved home, had a little health scare, my beautiful beagle bracken died aged fifteen, got divorced and I was working 60 hour weeks. I was then made redundant. 

I reflected on all that happened and what struck me most was the impact the sale of the family home had on me. There were a number of issues: 

  • The home report came in at 45k underneath the agent's valuation.
  • I was told there was a buyer ready. They vanished.
  • I got an offer that was 30k less than the home report value and told 'this is good, you may find if you don't take it you won't sell'.
  • Eventually I sold for 8k less than the lower valuation.
  • They did nothing to source vendors and told me if you don't sell now you could wait another year.
  • I sold. I was charged £395 + VAT UPFRONT to market and on completion £3300 as commission. 

However I feel that for the work that was done almost £4000 in fees was not reflective. I told them this and they said well that’s the bill. 

So I set up a business that puts myself on others shoes. And why I am so against commission. Paying more for a service because the house is bigger is ridiculous. The actual service doesn’t differ. 

I now support all sorts of clients going through different stages of their lives; excitement of first time buyers, anticipation of couples moving on, landlords expanding their empires, downsizing, executors and everything and anything in between. The difference is I charge the same but the personal touch is different for everyone. 

I am now 40, with children aged 7 and 3, a dog at 9 and my own business which has my stamp on it.

You can do anything with the right attitude.

Lessons are there to teach us.

Learn, embrace, and go for it.


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