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Glasgow Taxis Fun day
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Glasgow Taxis back charities with Sunday Fun Day

Drivers and staff from Glasgow Taxis brought their families to the base for a day of food and fun - while raising some funds for five local charities.

The total raised is set to be distributed equally between five charities – Camglen Buddies; Glasgow City Basketball Team; Glasgow Women’s Library; Peak Possibilities and Legacy Hub.

The charities were chosen by the drivers and staff.

Glasgow Taxis Chairman, Stephen Flynn commented: “As a company, Glasgow Taxis recognises how important it is to give back to the community through its fundraising for local charities.

“The causes these charities carry out important work for touch very close to home for many of us.

“All who were involved in contributing for to this great cause should feel very proud of the amount we raised and the more amazing work which it will promote for future donations.”

Families were able to enjoy a huge range of games, musical performances and culinary treats for all members of the family.

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