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SEC announces £150m plans for expansion

Scottish Events Campus Limited has announced plans to add a new conference centre and extend its events hub, which currently contains the SEC Centre, the DEC Armadillo, and the SSE Hydro.

The company has applied for planning permission in principle and is currently in talks with Glasgow City Council and the Scottish and UK governments to secure funding. Plans have already been approved to develop two nearby hotels, with work beginning this summer. The hotels, which are due to open next year, will increase the total number of hotel rooms around the campus from 950 to almost 1,400.

Peter Duthie, chief executive of SEC Limited, commented on the new plans: “We’ll be looking to build an additional 500 square metres of exhibition space, extending our exhibition halls and effectively build a new conference centre but connected into the existing facilities.

“One thing that it will do is allow is to stage two events simultaneously. At the moment, if we have a conference in for the week, pretty much that’s it. The new conference facility would allow us to stage two events simultaneously or large conferences on a scale that we currently can’t offer.”

News of the plans comes after SEC Limited reported a 1% increase in turnover in the last financial year to £29.1m, with operating profits up by 19% to £1.3m.

Duthie said: “The SEC continues to be am economic driver for Glasgow and Scotland, and the results are measured not only in financial terms but also by the economic impact of the campus which generated net additional expenditure of over £1 million per day in the Glasgow area, a total of £400 million for the year.

“We are living in a world where competition in the conference industry worldwide is increasing significantly. Standing still is not an option. Scotland really needs to invest to move forward, and we’re well placed to do that with the facilities we have here, the location of it, the transport links, the increasing hotel provision, which is already being driven through the city, and the team we have here as well.”

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