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New venture aiding GDPR compliance is launched in association with BTO Solicitors LLP and Computer Law Training

A new venture specialising in the provision of Data Protection Officer (DPO) services for businesses and organisations that choose to outsource their data protection requirements has been launched in close association with leading independent Scottish law firm BTO Solicitors LLP and data protection and information security specialists Computer Law Training.  

RGDP (Really Good Data Protection) provides a high quality and cost-effective solution to the requirements of the new UK Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018 and EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These new laws mean that more organisations will have to appoint DPOs and all organisations that handle personal data will need to comply with the more stringent regulatory requirements, or face the risk of financial penalties and reputational damage should they fail to comply. 

The RGDP team currently includes Bill Speirs, Chair of RGDP and a partner at BTO; Laura Irvine, a partner in BTO’s top-tier Data Protection team; Computer Law Training founder and managing director Tim Musson, who provides expert support and training to organisations in areas of information security and data protection; and Lorna Miller with a background in IT and information governance.

There are sound business reasons why organisations choose to outsource their data protection requirements to a specialist provider such as RGDP.  The degree of independence and specialist knowledge required by the DPO under GDPR means that frequently the role cannot easily be filled by an internal appointment and many small to medium sized organisations do not need and cannot afford to employ an in-house DPO.  RGDP, whose core business is the provision of DPO services, will always keep up to date with the latest regulatory guidance and methods of best practice, leaving its customers to focus on what they do best.

RGDP designs and delivers data protection solutions that are tailored to each customer’s needs and budget.  It offers a suite of data protection services ranging from a Data Protection Audit to determine a customer’s level of regulatory compliance, to a Standard DPO Service which monitors and advises on GDPR compliance. Other services include specialist advice concerning Data Protection Impact Assessments and in response to incidents and events such as Personal Data Breaches and Subject Access Requests.  RGDP’s close association with BTO Solicitors LLP and Computer Law Training Ltd also provides seamless access to expert legal advice and data protection training whenever required.

RGDP is managed by Mark Chynoweth, a former army officer, who has a wealth of security, leadership and management experience.  RGDP delivers its services using experienced DPOs, not employees who have simply attended a GDPR course. Its DPOs are experienced people with backgrounds in data protection, information governance, IT security and other relevant skills. They also provide continuity and add broader value by developing an in-depth knowledge and understanding of each customer’s sector and business.

Commenting on the launch of RGDP, Mark said: 

“Along with the raft of new laws and procedures, threats of larger financial penalties and risk of reputational damage, there is a lot of misunderstanding and even some scaremongering about the new laws.  RGDP’s DPOs de-mystify the regulations and cut through the myths to deliver effective GDPR solutions for our customers.  This is aided by our close association with the highly regarded data protection team at BTO Solicitors which sets us apart from the rest by providing an assurance of the quality of our services.  For businesses and organisations that seek a reputable, high quality and affordable DPO service which meets or exceeds the requirements of GDPR, they need look no further than RGDP.”

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