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30 Minutes or less: Reliable internet vital to business in Glasgow

Research shows Glasgow businesses wouldn’t cope with loss of internet connection ---

More than a third (39%) of businesses in Glasgow say they could only cope for up to 30 minutes without internet, according to new research.

The survey, commissioned by infrastructure provider CityFibre, lays bare how vulnerable many companies are to a loss of digital connectivity and how little it would take to bring the city’s business ecosystem grinding to a halt.

According to CityFibre, the findings make a clear case for bringing an end to the country’s dependence on its aging, capacity-constrained copper infrastructure and supporting an accelerated rollout of a full fibre alternative – which can currently only be accessed by less than 4 per cent of the UK.

The research shows that many businesses thought that better connectivity would equal improved productivity (56%) and improved customer service (44%). Other perceived benefits included better collaboration and the ability to implement video conferencing (both 33%) and less time spent travelling (28%), highlighting the importance of better connectivity for future business success.

There is a clear appetite for better technology, with 94 per cent saying they would like to make an investment in future technology if connectivity were no longer an issue. With Glasgow’s growing digital community, 56 per cent said they would invest in cloud technology, followed by 3D printing (39%) and hosting their own server on site (33%), highlighting the constraints that existing, low-quality infrastructure is currently placing on the business capabilities needed in the future.

Being able to make better use of data was also valued, with 17 per cent saying they would invest in better analysis tools and practice, which could unlock new insights. Around a tenth (11%) would invest in recruitment and training to better equip employees for a digital future.

Launched in 2016 to serve the city's growing business community, the full fibre network in Glasgow is set to expand to almost 300km – five times its current size. Benefiting the city’s schools, libraries and community venues, the network has been made possible due to a partnership between CityFibre, Glasgow City Council, internet service provider Commsworld and ICT firm CGI.

James McClafferty, Head of Regional Development for CityFibre, said: “This research shows what many companies across the Glasgow community already know – internet connectivity is essential to business success. But all too often, slow speeds and unreliable networks are letting businesses down, which is why full fibre is essential to transforming businesses in the city, allowing them to boost productivity and introduce new technology.

“By embracing full fibre, we will be able to keep pace with competitors, whether at home or abroad, and future proof our digital infrastructure for generations to come. This technology is already transforming companies across Glasgow, providing the ‘must have’ foundation for growth and development in the digital age.”


To find out more about CityFibre’s Gigabit City vision for Glasgow visit https://www.cityfibre.com/glasgow


For more information about CityFibre, visit: www.cityfibre.com


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