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Top tips to get ready for the 2018 Kiltwalk

Glasgow’s record breaking 10,168 Kiltwalkers have already raised more than £1.55 million this year from the Glasgow event alone. Thanks to Sir Tom Hunter and The Hunter Foundation’s unique 40% top-up, £2,178,000 will go to 912 charities across Scotland. 

With three more Royal Bank of Scotland Kiltwalks still to come this year, there are plenty of opportunities to take part and raise vital funds for charities close to your heart.

Next up is the Aberdeen Kiltwalk on Sunday 3 June, followed by St Andrews to Dundee on 19 August and Edinburgh on 16 September. 

Below are a number of top tips to get you motivated and ensure you put the best foot forward on your big day! 

Fuel your body 

Dr Katerina Vasilaki, The Mediterranean Dietician   

  • Before the event, it is important to fuel your body with carbs. Foods like cornflakes with low-fat milk, or toast with honey or jam can be good choices.
  • During the event, make sure you refuel with snacks rich in carbs to avoid “hitting the wall”.
  • You will also need to drink plenty of fluids during the event to replace sweat losses. Cold fluids that provide carbs and replace sodium, such as sports drinks, can be a good option.
  • If you find it difficult to drink plain water, you can try adding lemon juice, mint or some squash to your water bottle to bring in some flavour and make it easier to rehydrate.
  • After the event, it is important to have a meal to allow for muscle refuel and repair. Foods (rich in carbs and protein) such as cooked eggs with bread, pasta or rice with meat, can help you achieve this.
  • You might be tempted to celebrate with friends, on completion, however you need to avoid excessive alcohol drinking. Keep drinking water to help your body rehydrate. 

Train for success 

Jonathan Reid, gym manager at PureGym Aberdeen, Shiprow 

  • Take part in some lower and upper body strength training to get the muscles conditioned before the event. Use either fixed weight machines (if in a gym) or body weight exercises if training at home. Some squats, lunges, press ups, dips and planks should do the job!
  • Get moving more! Any cardiovascular training is going to make this event a lot easier for you, this could be as simple as hitting those 10,000 steps each day, going out for a cycle and overall just pushing your body a little bit more than normal.
  • Make sure your body is well rested the night before the event, I would recommend getting an early night: lights off, mobile phone tucked away in a drawer to ensure a good night’s sleep.
  • Stay hydrated, ensure that you are taking on plenty of fluids both before starting the event and also while taking part!
  • Make sure you choose appropriate footwear for the event. Go for something that is lightweight and provides good shock absorption, as this will hopefully limit fatigue and achy muscles the following days and prevent any unwanted blisters.     

Maximise those funds 

Jonathan Jack, Fundraising Events & Engagement Manager at ENABLE Scotland, the country’s largest charity for people with learning disabilities 

  • Share your story as to why you’re walking for your charity. Why is your charity special to you? What will the funds your supporters donate help to achieve? Pages with stories and content raise an extra 9% compared to those which don’t, so make sure people know why it’s important to you.
  • Update your friends and supporters with your preparations for your Kiltwalk. Whether it’s a photo of your new trainers, your walkers pack arriving, or a screengrab from your fitbit, keeping your followers engaged with your challenge is key to drum up support.
  • Upload a profile photo to your page to let your supporters know it’s you. Fundraisers with pictures on their page raise 14% more per photo than those who don’t.
  • Fundraise in unison with a sponsor form. The old school way of generating funds with sponsor forms are really effective, particularly within your office or school. You can pay in your offline donations to your fundraising page to reflect your grand total raised.
  • 20% of donations come in after the event. Make a big splash on social media on the day of the Kiltwalk and share your experiences and photos to celebrate your achievement to generate those last donations.

Make the Kiltwalk your catwalk! 

Jilli Blackwood, textile artist and designer of the 2014 Team Scotland Commonwealth Games opening ceremony uniforms 

  • Thousands of people, walking together and donning a piece of tartan is what makes the Kiltwalk so unique, so make sure you look and feel great in yours. Anything goes on a Kiltwalk whether you wear a tartan tutu, suit, hat, scarf or decide to go all out and wear a Kilt.
  • If wearing a kilt make sure it is one you’ve worn before so you know you feel comfortable. If you feel comfortable, you’ll look confident and swing along in style!
  • Practice going for a walk in your kilt in different weather conditions so you know how your kilt fares in all weathers, avoiding any surprises on the day.
  • There are so many kilts to choose from, a lightweight kilt is the best option for those doing the Mighty Stride to ensure you’re not carrying unnecessary additional weight which could slow you down and heat you up.
  • There are a huge variety of tartans available, why not choose one that has a special meaning to you? Remember, a kilt doesn’t have to be made out of tartan – so if you want to stand out from the crowd and get your charity noticed why not go for something that’s a little bit different?
  • The Kiltwalk is about having fun, being amongst kindred spirits and enjoying yourself in the great outdoors whilst raising money for your charity. Wearing a kilt, whatever you choose, will make this day even more memorable for you – the attention you will receive will spur you on towards the finish line!                                                                       

Why should I sign-up? 

  • Anyone can do it. You can sign up for the Mighty Stride (roughly the distance of a marathon) the Big Stroll (roughly the distance of a half marathon) or the Wee Wander (around 5 miles).
  • Still to come this year is Aberdeen on June 3, St Andrews to Dundee on August 19 or Edinburgh on September 16.
  • The Kiltwalk is open to all charities so you can choose to fundraise for any cause close to your heart.
  • For every £1 raised, £1.40 will go to your chosen charity. This is thanks to Sir Tom Hunter and The Hunter Foundation ensuring that 140% of all fundraising goes to the charity of your choice.
  • Arnold Clark is a platinum sponsor and has pledged that one lucky Kiltwalker from each of the four 2017 events will win a brand new 1.4 Sri Vauxhall Corsa. 

Sign up to become a part of the Kiltwalk community and experience an unforgettable day - with each step you’re raising money for charities and changing lives whilst getting fit and healthy at the same time.

Register for the Kiltwalk here

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