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Special EFX Ramps Up 3D Technology and Designer Trophies

The UK’s pioneering trophies and awards manufacturer Special EFX, has announced the completion of a 7 year, £400k investment programme into 3D technology. The resulting advances in its design and manufacturing capabilities are winning the company new customers and contracts, including podium trophies for ABB FIA Formula E, as it leads the way in innovative and exclusive product design and high-quality production.

Special EFX reports this season’s trophies for Formula E are the most complex and sophisticated designs it has ever produced and would not have been possible without 3D capabilities. Likewise, the company is winning commissions from the automotive industry, replicating iconic truck and car profiles in the form of business trophies and customer souvenirs.

Melanie Osborne, Sales and Marketing Director, Special EFX explains the rationale behind the investment programme: “We operate in a global marketplace that is fiercely competitive and recognise that being able to turn company’s iconic brands and logos into prestigious 3D works of art that amaze the recipients makes EFX the go-to producer for trophies and awards”.

Special EFX works from its factory outside Stratford-upon-Avon, where it employs more than 40 personnel. The company designs and manufactures, in a wide variety of materials, contemporary-styled recognition awards for business and events, sports trophies, plaques and medals – all unique and all exclusive.

Acclaimed by customers for its design originality, EFX initially focussed on investment in the design side of the business. This was spearheaded by the acquisition of the latest 3D design software, 3D modelling technology and 3D scanning equipment.

This initial investment transformed EFX’s design, rendering and surface decoration capabilities, including facilitating the ability to accurately miniaturise large-scale sculptures and models, and turn 2D graphics and logos into stunning 3D trophies and awards. Earlier this year, a 5-axis milling machine was successfully installed at the company’s works, followed by a major upgrade of its 3D printing capabilities.

However, staying ahead of the market requires relentless drive, as Osborne confirms. “If I look back just 5 years, there has been an astonishing sea-change over that period in the sophistication of the trophies and awards we produce. But, customers’ expectations continue to build and we are constantly looking to challenge the impossible.”

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