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Coppersaurus ‘unearthed’ in Glasgow, fresh from slowing down your broadband

A copper dinosaur walks into Silverburn Shopping Centre… as much as this might sound like the opening line of a joke, it’s actually an announcement for the latest stop on the Coppersaurus’ UK road trip. 

Brought to life by CityFibre, the two-metre-tall dinosaur is touring the UK as part of the full fibre infrastructure provider’s national campaign to make misleading broadband adverts extinct. This week it visited Silverburn Shopping Centre in Glasgow giving locals the chance to find out about misleading broadband ads and the truth about the cables beneath their feet. 

Still confused by all the broadband jargon? Well, you’re likely to be in the same boat as other unsuspecting local broadband customers – many of whom are still receiving their internet via aging copper infrastructure but paying a premium for ‘fibre’. 

Will Brayne, Director of Marketing and Communications at CityFibre, said: “The Coppersaurus represents the UK’s neglected digital infrastructure and its equally redundant advertising rules. Copper is masquerading as fibre across the UK, leaving us stuck with a relic from the past rather than focusing on the digital connectivity of the future. 

“That's why we've brought the campaign to Glasgow, so locals can help us make sure the practice of advertising copper-reliant connections as fibre gets its very own asteroid moment. It is time the rules were changed once and for all.” 

At present, the UK’s advertising rules (enforced by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), do not require advertisers to distinguish between full and part fibre services, despite the services they provide being completely different, both in terms of capability and service. 

This means that consumers are often misled into paying for ‘fibre’ internet services, which are in fact only part fibre and not equipped to consistently provide the speeds and services promised, because of the copper in the network slowing them down. 

In 2016, CityFibre launched its full fibre network in Glasgow to serve the city’s growing business community. With an initial £30m private investment, this core network is currently undergoing expansion to reach 300km, putting full fibre within reach of more than 17,000 businesses and connecting almost 600 public sector sites including schools, libraries and community centres. 

This substantial core infrastructure project primes Glasgow for further expansion and continued investment to reach residents, with CityFibre investing £2.5bn to deliver full fibre to five million homes across the UK by 2025. 

If you believe advertising rules should reflect our rapidly developing digital landscape, then you can support CityFibre’s campaign by signing the petition at

For more information about CityFibre, visit:

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