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Laings launches charity partnership with British Heart Foundation

Laings is delighted to announce that on World Heart Day they’re launching a charity partnership with British Heart Foundation. Over the coming year, through a variety of events and activities, the luxury jewellers will help to raise vital funds for the important cause, with the joint vision to ‘Beat Heartbreak Forever’.

Luxury jewellers, Laings is pleased to kick off their partnership with British Heart Foundation (BHF) and are looking forward to taking part in fundraising activities to support the work that the BHF funds.

Wendy Laing, Owner and Marketing Director of Laings commented: “We are delighted as a company to be able to support such a worthwhile charity. It resonates personally with the Laing family as my father (Executive Chairman of the company) has an ongoing heart condition that has to be managed daily.  Contact and support from the BHF has enabled him to cope with this and continue to live and enjoy his lifestyle.”

The BHF is a charity that funds research to find cures and treatments for heart and circulatory diseases, the world’s biggest killers. Over the years they’ve helped to develop machines which can restart hearts, devices to correct heartbeats and so much more. However, heart and circulatory diseases still kill 1 in 4 people in the UK and there’s more work to be done. Over the next year Laings will be raising money to help support the life-changing work that the BHF do, helping them to fund research and support their vision of a world without heart and circulatory diseases.

World Heart Day is the World Heart Federation’s global campaign to raise awareness of heart health and provided the perfect opportunity to announce this partnership. Laings hopes that through their activities they can help to highlight the important work that BHF do, as well as taking part in the vital fundraising that BHF need to fight this battle.

James Cant, Director of BHF Scotland, said: “World Heart Day is the perfect date to announce this exciting new partnership. We’re delighted to be working with Laings in the coming year and I’d like to thank the staff for choosing to support us.

“We look forward to working together to equip store staff with life saving CPR skills, and supporting them to raise funds for our vital research into heart and circulatory diseases.”

Heart and circulatory diseases affect people all over the UK in different ways and the Laings team have received the partnership enthusiastically, with many proud to work for a business that is determined to help the worthwhile cause.

Watch Specialist, Joshua Grant is also a Biomedical Science student: “Some of my course has focused on treatments and ways to manage the disease, so for me it’s fantastic that we’re supporting a charity which enables this kind of research.”

Whilst Senior Marketing Executive Kirsten Buchanan noted: “It’s important for companies to find a way to give back. Heart and circulatory disease may have effected some of our customers and the Laings team directly and we are proud to dedicate time and resources to support a charity which is invaluable to so many.”

Laings is delighted to support the BHF and hope that they can help to Beat Heartbreak Forever!

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