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Call for Scottish businesses to participate in review of postal services

Recent research shows that people are more likely to read a letter from you than an email, and they are more likely to respond to a letter, whether it’s a marketing campaign or an interaction with an existing customer. 

Combine that with the ever-growing number of parcels that UK businesses send to their customers and it’s clear that the post is as relevant to the way we do business as it ever was. Of course, the service must be both reliable and timely; Customers are unlikely to spend more with a seller if the delivery of their parcel did not meet their expectations, marketing campaigns must run in a timed sequence to maximise efficiency, and when you have to send that “payment is overdue” letter you want it delivered quickly to the right address.

As a ‘universal service provider’, Royal Mail is required to demonstrate to Ofcom that they are hitting their quality of service targets. On behalf of Royal Mail, Kantar TNS carry out a constant measurement of mail collections and deliveries across the UK, with businesses and private individuals participating.  To continue getting a clear picture in Scotland, and help drive postal service improvements, we need more Scottish businesses involved that use meter franking, MailMark or PPI franking.

The process consists of adding test mail to your business’ own post and in some cases, receiving similar test items from other companies taking part. It’s designed to be interesting and simple, only taking a couple of minutes each day. And as well as benefitting your local and the wider business community by helping Royal Mail make sure they are delivering on-time, there are some direct rewards too. You’ll get free stamps and entry into a number of prize draws.

You can find more information on the Kantar TNS Postal Panels website at or by emailing

We look forward to welcoming you on board.

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