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John Watson OBE
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An Evening with...John Watson OBE

Passion, Printing & Perfection: The Ideal Blend for Entrepreneurial Success

Speaker: John Watson OBE

Member Level: Emerging | Growing | Leading

Date: Wed 10 October Time: 17:30 - 20:30

Venue: The Watson Auditorium, The Glasgow Academy, 25 Colebrooke Street, Kelvinbridge, Glasgow, G12 8HE 

An Evening with… John Watson OBE

A toast to a printing entrepreneur as he discusses success, his successful exit and philanthropy John Watson OBE will walk you through his entrepreneurial journey as he talks about his fifty years in printing, how he spotted a niche market in a declining industry and how his business thrived. You will also uncover his secret to a successful exit. John will also discuss his philanthropic work with organisations like Social Bite. He is truly a remarkable entrepreneur, to hear more from him then come and enjoy ‘An Evening with…John Watson OBE’.

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