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BBC Scotland's 'Debate Night'

The brand new political debate show ‘Debate Night’ for the BBC Scotland channel is looking for you to join their studio audience. Hosted by Stephen Jardine, the show allows local Scottish people to be part of the audience and put your questions to the people in power. ‘Debate Night’ lets you lead the agenda – it is your questions that make the programme. Each week we gather a panel of politicians and people in public life to join our panel, and give you the answers. On the panel, we have a representative from the SNP, Conservative and the Labour Party. We also often include representatives from smaller parties, and non-politicians to make up our panel of 5. Think of it as  ‘Question Time’ on Scottish issues! 

We are doing our last show before our Easter break this Wednesday evening, 3 April filming  from Edinburgh Napier University (Craiglockhart Campus). We would love to extend an invitation out to as many of Glasgow and Edinburgh’s business community as possible; it is vital that we include local business voices and working people from different sectors in our audience! Whether you have questions about business, NHS, healthcare, Brexit or education etc., we are looking to hear from you! 

Our audience application form can be accessed via the following link -

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