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New university poster campaign makes city’s students aware of safe home taxi scheme

A new campaign is highlighting that more than 150 Glasgow students stranded without cash last year were safely transported home, thanks to a special scheme run by the city’s biggest taxi firm.

The Student Taxi Scheme poster campaign, led by Glasgow Taxis Ltd in partnership with the University of Glasgow, Strathclyde University and Glasgow Caledonian University, was unveiled today – as the iconic black taxi firm announced its 2018 figures.

The programme, which has been operating in Glasgow since June 2015, allows any university student in the city without cash to get home in a Glasgow Taxi, just by using their matriculation card. Through the initiative, Glasgow Taxis Ltd can provide the students with access to a Safe Taxi by calling and quoting a code available from the university. The student then gives the driver their student card and repays the cost to their Students’ Union when they collect their card after one working day.

SPOKESPERSON, Glasgow Taxis Ltd said: “We’re very proud of the relationship we have with the city’s universities and nowhere is that more important than through our Safe Taxi Scheme, which has now been running for almost four years. First and foremost, I’d like to thank our members and drivers for supporting this scheme and for their role in ensuring these 150 students all made it home safely last year, many of them new to the city of Glasgow.  

“The stereotypical view is that these are students who have run out of money at the end of a night out, but this couln’t be further from the truth. Two recent cases involved one student who had been admitted to hospital and another at a police station who had witnessed an incident. Thankfully they were aware of our scheme and able to get home safely and quickly, alleviating not only their own stress but that of their families and friends.

“It’s another demonstration of Glasgow Taxis Ltd giving back in our position as a friend of the city. I’m delighted to confirm that we are committed to continuing the Safe Taxi Scheme throughout 2019 and look forward to continuing to support the three universities and their students when they need us most.”

Fatemeh Nokhbatolfoghahai, Vice President of Student Support at the University of Glasgow, said: “Over the last three years many of our students have benefitted from our partnership with Glasgow Taxis. This safety net plays an important role in protecting students at moments when they are often vulnerable and isolated with no financial means to get home. Student safety has long been a priority for The Students’ Representative Council and The University of Glasgow and we look forward to continuing to work with Glasgow Taxis.”

Strathclyde University Student President, Matt Crilly, added: "This scheme is amazing, meaning we students can always feel assured knowing we can always get home safely, even if we're not carrying cash or a bank card."

Rachel Simpson, Glasgow Caledonian University Student President, said: “We can’t thank Glasgow Taxis enough for their support and partnership in ensuring our students are able to return home safely from the city centre.

“At Glasgow Caledonian, student safety and well-being is a priority for both the University and the Students’ Association.  Knowing this scheme enables any student to safety return home if they have misplaced their bank cards or cash is extremely positive and reassuring. We are very pleased to continue into the fifth year of the service for students here.”

The announcements came shortly after Glasgow Taxis Ltd unveiled a new look to help demonstrate the variety of work and acts of kindness its people carry out on a daily basis – as Your City’s Friend.  

Now visible across 30 iconic taxis operating in Glasgow 24/7, 365 days a year, the Your City’s Friend brand is intended to remind people not only the core service provided but of the significant added value and charitable work the company undertakes all year round.

With a fleet of 800 fully licensed six-seat and five-seat taxis, Glasgow Taxis Ltd is the single largest taxi provider in Scotland and in the UK outside London, with all vehicles wheelchair accessible and all drivers licensed and certified.

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