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Glasgow ranks first in Scotland for student retention after graduation

A new report has found that Glasgow ranks first in Scotland, and fifth in the UK for students remaining in the city after they have graduated or completed their course.

The analysis come from the Centre for Cities report, which offers a detailed look at the migration pattern of graduates and students to and from Glasgow.

It found that 46 per cent of students in Glasgow continued to live in the city after finishing their studies, with creative arts, computer science and law graduates the most likely to stay.

Glasgow School of Art has the highest retention rates, with 59% of graduates residing in the city, while Glasgow Caledonian University retains 52%, the University of Glasgow keeps 44% and just over two fifths of University of Strathclyde students remain in the region

The city also boasts a high gain rate, with more graduates gained through the process of university education than were lost to other cities. Two-thirds of the resulting graduate cohort had studied in the city, while the other third studied elsewhere, but chose to move to Glasgow for work.

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: “The findings of this report are pleasing and show Glasgow’s success in retaining our graduates and developing a highly skilled workforce that attracts global companies to locate in the city.

“However, to attract and retain both graduates and major employers, a city needs more than just world-class universities and workforces. It must also have assets such as an attractive lifestyle, competitive living and business costs, and a strong business support network – and this is where Glasgow comes into its own.”

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