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M8 Kingston Bridge Newton Street On Ramp Works Resume

As part of Transport Scotland’s strategic trunk road maintenance programme, Scotland TranServ, with assistance from our supply chain, will resume essential upgrading work to the cope and parapets on the M8 Kingston Bridge Newton Street On Ramp structure. 

Having replaced the cope and parapet structure of the onside ramp, Raynesway Construction Ltd, Scotland TranServ’s appointed subcontractor will begin replacing the offside edge coping, vehicle barriers and expansion joints. These Phase Two works will begin with the installation of traffic management from 10pm on Tuesday 8 February, continuing for 7 weeks, with completion currently scheduled for the end of February 2019.

Peter McCann, Scotland TranServ’s Major Bridges Manager said:

“Scotland TranServ has been working in liaison with Police Scotland, Local Authorities and key stakeholders to ensure that this essential improvement work causes as little disruption to commuters, local communities and freight traffic as possible. Having successfully completed construction of new cope and parapets for the onside stretch of the ramp, we are now switching to the offside section.

 “The Newton Street On Ramp is a busy access point, linking the city centre to the westbound M8. The Kingston Bridge and the approach ramps are an integral part of life and business in the West of Scotland. The structure and its approaches are now 50 years old and require regular routine maintenance.”

In order to work as safely and efficiently as possible, it will be necessary to narrow the lanes on the on ramp through the work zone with a reduced speed limit of 40mph.

Motorists are advised to expect delays and to check latest roads information on trafficscotland.org or by following @trafficscotland on Twitter.

Across South West Scotland, Scotland TranServ is working on behalf of Transport Scotland to prioritise such maintenance and upgrade issues and deliver our improvement programme as quickly and safely as possible.                                                                                                  

Andy Fraser, Scotland TranServ’s Operating Company Representative added:

“The Kingston Bridge is one of Scotland’s busiest river crossings, with more than 100,000 vehicles using the bridge every day. It is a constant challenge to balance the need to maintain the structure while reducing the impact of our works. Our aim is to deliver these long-term benefits to commuters and businesses with maximum efficiency and minimal disruption throughout.”

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