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Lynne Jhangeer, Linian Fireclip
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Mackintosh, Meringues and Mingling

By Lynne Jhangeer, LINIAN Fireclip

I agreed to pop along to the Women’s Garden Party Networking event held at the absolutely stunning House for an Art Lover in Glasgow to share the story of our business journey so far.  What I didn’t know was that I was the only one that was speaking that day. 

You see, I had attended a Made in Glasgow event previously to do just that but there were twelve people talking on that day and I took my turn somewhere in the middle of all of them.  It was a great event, one that I’d highly recommend should you get the chance to go along, and what a buzz.  I had never done any public speaking like that before and certainly didn’t think that LINIAN as a business was old enough, qualified enough or even experienced enough to share what we had been through with other entrepreneurs and start-up companies. It turned out that we had done some things right and even more things wrong but there were so many people in the same position as us.  The similarities struck a chord with all of us on every level.

So, when I agreed to come along to this lovely event I assumed that it would be the same format.  First rule of our business is “never assume”.  That was until I saw my face on the website and kept refreshing the page to see if any other photos would appear with the other speakers that were going to be there.  Nope, I was on my own.  I started to panic that I’d be the only one there.

As a relatively new member of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and Glasgow business community in general I hadn’t been fortunate enough to attend the Women’s Networking Lunch series before.  I knew that it could only be a good thing to go along and if I got to meet some lovely new connections within the business community then that had to be a bonus as well.

As soon as I arrived there were friendly faces everywhere.  We grabbed a cocktail and started to chat away quite the thing.  Before we even got a chance to tuck into the delightful afternoon tea treats I was able to speak to so many inspiring ladies that each had their own story to tell about a successful career or business journey.  I felt so privileged that I had been asked along on that day to tell LINIAN’s story to everyone. 

I was invited up to kick the afternoon off with the highs and lows of life in the fast lane –taking over the family business with my brother, building that brand, securing distribution, having fifty stockists overnight when we only expected to have five, supplying those stockists in the early days, battling with some cheeky faces that reappeared in our first few months, smashing our first year sales targets by over 1m units and some other bits and pieces thrown in for good measure.  The ladies laughed, booed and cheered as I told them our story and answered some questions. It was a great day in the most beautiful setting and the sun even came out to say hello as well.

I met several ladies that day that I am fortunate enough to have kept in touch with, each championing each other’s successes not only in business but as wives, mothers, sisters and daughters.  For me the business connections have been key but the relationships fostered since have been invaluable.  I really look forward to attending more events in the series this year and think that the Chamber have done an excellent job in creating a forum where we can connect with new people for growth in business and in life.

Hope to see you there soon!

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