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Glasgow city centre is reopening with measures put in place to safely welcome back consumers

The last few weeks have seen stores on Glasgow’s style mile reopened to customers, with surrounding hospitality venues also back up and running.

In a miniseries of videos, business leaders operating across the city centre have explained how they have implemented the government measures required to operate their business safely, in order to encourage consumers to return and feel at ease doing so.

Anne Ledgerwood, general manager at the St. Enoch Centre, spoke of the 90 stores and food outlets in the mall, most of which shut during lockdown due to them being ‘non-essential’.

She highlighted that footfall is down at the shopping centre at the moment, with offices workers and students staying at home, restrictions on public transport, and tourists not being in the city. A number of measures have been introduced across the mall, including social distancing and extra hygiene, with the test and protect government system implemented at the food court.

She added: “There is still a long way to go before Glasgow city centre is back to what it was a year ago, although the sentiment of getting Glasgow back on track is there.”

Mario Gizzi, co-founder of the Di Maggio’s Restaurant Group discussed the gradual reopening process for the DRG group after the easing of lockdown. The company’s venues include Anchor Line, Cafe Andaluz and The Citizen.

He said: “We started to open bigger units when permitted, now into phase 3 we have been able to bring 1,200 back to work as the busines has gradually reopened. Investments were made to ensure all units were appropriately kitted out, staff were COVID safety trained, and measures put in place to make sure customers and staff feel safe and comfortable across the DRG group’s restaurants.” 

One-way systems, hand sanitiser stations and disposable one-use menus have also been introduced. Due to the suddenness of lockdown the business did not want to waste food, so business partners Mario and Tony went out three nights a week to donate to the homeless. Despite the group being significantly hit on profits for this year, it remains optimistic as the hospitality sector is hoping it is sending out the message to consumers that Glasgow is open and ready for business.

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