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One in five in Glasgow avoid bus due to lack of travel confidence

Over one in five people in Glasgow (22%) say that a lack of confidence in knowing how to travel by bus stops them from doing so. Younger respondents, aged 18-34, were nearly 10% more likely to report that low confidence prevents them from travelling by bus (28%) than their older counterparts, aged 55+ (19%).

Among the most common reasons attributed to this lack of confidence were noted as not knowing which bus to get on for their journey (17%), which ticket to ask for (17%) and how much to pay (18%).
The data is shared as First Bus launches a new campaign to help those in doubt to overcome their worries and improve their confidence.

Designed to boost the public’s confidence when it comes to bus travel, the campaign features a series of videos focused on planning your journey, buying tickets, as well as boarding and alighting from the bus.

Using tongue-in-cheek sports commentary to bring some fun to the functional, the videos will feature on platforms including Sky, STV and ITV, as well as online, acting as a ‘how to’ guide with clear information and demonstrations of how to travel by bus.

Link: How to Get Off a Bus: First Bus / YouTube

Reflecting those respondents reporting a lack of confidence, over a quarter of those surveyed (27%) felt that they would benefit from a basic ‘how to’ guide about bus travel.
While over a third of those surveyed (36%) were frequent bus users, nearly the same amount (37%) stated that they ‘virtually never’ use the bus in Glasgow, with four in 10 (42%) reasoning that this is because they prefer to travel by car.

Link: How to Pay Like a Pro: First Bus / YouTube

Duncan Cameron, Managing Director of First Bus Scotland said: “Bus is one of the cheapest and most environmentally friendly ways of getting around the city, and so we’re keen to ensure that everyone has the confidence to jump on board and use it as their first choice of transport.

“We understand that if you’ve not used a bus in years, or if you didn’t grow up hopping on and off buses, you might feel a little unsure or apprehensive about where to start, or how to travel for the best price.
“We’re proud of the ways in which we’ve upgraded our payment systems and on-board facilities - from Tap On Tap Off technology, to on board charging and Wi-Fi - to make travelling with us easier and more comfortable than ever. So, this campaign is all about making sure that Glasgow has the information and confidence it needs to open up this pocket and planet friendly way of travelling to all.”

For more information on First Bus’s ‘How to use the Bus’ campaign, please visit:

Link: How to Catch a Bus: First Bus / YouTube


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