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Employers from across Glasgow have shared their support for Step Up:

“I have worked with Step Up in my capacity as a principal teacher of DYW in Glasgow.  I have found communication to be excellent and I have always been very well supported by the Step-Up team who are on hand to answer any questions I have.  I have found the information invaluable in order to best help the young people in my care who are seeking employment.  The application process is easy and quick and I would recommend Step Up to any young person in Glasgow as it is a fantastic programme.”

Claire McGroarty – (DYW Coordinator Notre Dame High School)

“Step up has had a huge impact on the young people we support, not only has it given paid training/employment to young people who attend our course. The application process is young person friendly, it encourages them to make an application by taking away barriers to applying and giving the young people indicators on the applications forms to help them complete the sections.   

With the positions being a Living Wage rather than minimum wage, this also motivates young people by giving them a fair pay for the work that they are doing.  

We have found the process seamless, from supporting young people with applications, submitting applications  and to the follow up from step up checking young people are eligible before final submission.  

In short step up has provided jobs and opportunities for young people on our employability programme who may not have found employment otherwise. It is helping to transform lives and provide opportunity for the 16/17 age group and I hope it grows and continues in the future. 

Thank you for all the help, jobs and support you guys/gals have provided the young people from Barnardos who have been offered opportunities through the step up process.” 

Peter Miller – (Work Coach at Barnardo’s) 

“I have found Step Up to offer a great option for some school leavers I have worked with who are really keen to secure jobs. Often these young people are academic and work-ready and have chosen not to pursue further/higher education, and maybe don’t feel ready for apprenticeships, so Step Up has offered a great initial step of job experience.

The six month jobs allow an important introduction into the world of work for these young people and I think these opportunities will help the young people develop more confidence and skills within the workplace.”

Vikki Gemmell – (SDS Work Coach) 

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