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It has never been easier or more rewarding for businesses in Glasgow to work with schools or recruit young people into their organisations. 

DYW Glasgow can help your business engage with the next generation of employees in a simple and straightforward way. Whatever the size of your business, there are a number of practical and efficient options which will work for you and your organisation. 

We know some businesses will have recognised they have an ageing workforce and need to build a pipeline of talent for the future. We also know organisations are keen to build relationships with local communities to help grow awareness of their operations and inspire young people about the opportunities on offer. 

We can help you work directly with schools, develop innovative and engaging projects, support with mentoring opportunities, create or promote your apprenticeship programme or help with funding for recruiting young people.  Every step of the way we will guide you through the options and support you through the process. 

Get in touch with the team to find out more:

Developing the Young Workforce Glasgow
T: 0141 204 8338 / E: dyw@glasgowchamberofcommerce.com
W: www.dywglasgow.com

You can also follow us on Twitter @DYWGlasgow to keep up-to-date on how we are working with other employers in Glasgow.

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